By Helalujjaman Sardar

Dubai is prospering real estate market which is popular in investors & dwellers.

The promise of emirates are so amazing in lifestyle & have incredible career opportunities. It is one of the hottest tourist destination. Now a day’s, there are a lot of designated freehold areas where expats and foreigner can invest and own property in Dubai.

1. Is Dubai a Good Real Estate Market?

It has seen considerable growth previous year. The property market saw nearly $44 Billion (AED 160 Billion) in investment in the first eight month of 2022.

2. Is it smart to invest in Dubai ?

UAE is known for its investor friendly practices . It has no annual property tax, income tax, capital gem, tax, rental revenue tax, VAT.

3. Will Dubai Property prices rise in 2023?

Dubai topped in the ranking 25 of the world’s top luxury real estate market, with prices expected to in case 13.5% in 2023.